Costs & Fees

At Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Florida, we want to make sure that everyone can afford quality eye care. That is why we make every effort to contract with as many insurance companies as possible. Many of the services that we provide are covered by insurance plans, so please see our insurance list to check if we are a contracted provider for your particular plan. We are happy to submit claim information to your insurance company on your behalf.

In the case of LASIK Vision Correction, we offer a wide variety of payment options designed to fit your budget. Although we can only give estimates over the phone, we will provide you with an exact cost breakdown during your eye care consultation, depending on what type of treatment your doctor recommends. We will also inform you of the payment options we have to offer, including Interest Free Financing or payments as low as $83 per month. Click below for more information regarding the two Refractive Surgery Financing companies available at our center.

The Value of Freedom: Test the Value of LASIK
Complete the following activity to help decide if having LASIK is a good investment. Ascribe a dollar amount to each item listed below.

$____ Waking up and seeing the alarm clock
$____ Safety with sports/hobbies
$____ Being able to see underwater
$____ Saving the 10 – 20 minutes a day it takes to care for contact lenses (91 hours per year!)
$____ Not being dependent on lenses in emergency situations
$____ Seeing the world in a whole new way
$____ Increasing your self-esteem
$____ Less hassle with traveling
$____ Feeling more youthful
$____ Savings from glasses and contacts purchases during lifetime
$____ Other _______________________________________
$____ Total Value of Freedom

see, the opportunity to have LASIK is a priceless one!