Questions About LASIK

Which Vision Correction Procedure is Right For Me?
Each individual has different eye care needs. During your free Vision Correction consultation, your doctor will do a full evaluation and help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for our vision correction procedures.

Am I Good Candidate for LASIK?
There are a number of things that might make you a great candidate for LASIK. Your eye health, current prescription, history and eye shape will all help determine whether or not LASIK can help correct your vision and help you see without glasses or contacts.

How Do I Choose the Right LASIK Doctor?
Choosing the right LASIK surgeon takes quite a bit of research. When deciding where to go for LASIK, we have a few helpful hints:

· Look for experience – make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor’s training
· Ask about technology – find out if they use the most up-to-date laser
· Make sure you meet with the doctor beforehand – personal care is important when it comes to something as precious as your eyesight

You can also use this LASIK Report Card as a checklist to rate the practices you are considering. At Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Florida, you can ask these and any other questions you may have during your free LASIK consultation.

“Dr. Collins and his staff were very friendly and professional throughout my experience. Before the surgery, I was legally blind with contact prescriptions of -6.50 and -7.00 in my right and left eyes, respectively. The day after the LASIK procedure, I had 20/20 vision using both eyes. The procedure was painless and lasted less than one minute on each eye. The staff on hand during the surgery created a relaxed atmosphere, which contributed to a great overall experience. Before and after my surgery, Dr. Collins calmly and patiently answered all my questions and listened to my concerns. He has a very reassuring manner, and I would recommend Dr. Collins and his staff to anyone interested in getting LASIK surgery.”

—Susan DeGroff

Will I Be Able to Afford the Procedure Recommended For Me?
Eye Physicians and Surgeons wants you to know you can afford LASIK, or any other procedure we offer. Our financial coordinator will meet with you to discuss a payment plan that will best fit into your budget. We believe it is possible for everyone to get the eye care they deserve with the right financing options.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Laser Vision Correction?
Can you believe that as many as 98% of LASIK procedures result in 20/40 vision or better? That’s good enough to pass a driver’s test. Since everyone’s eyes are different, no one can determine exactly what your results will be. But with a careful study of your current eye condition, doctors are usually able to predict success. Keep in mind that if the doctor feels your results may be less than optimal, he will recommend you opt not to have LASIK.

“Going into eye surgery is a very trying and emotional experience. The entire staff knows this and makes this experience much easier by their knowledge and real caring. A special thanks to Dr. Collins, Alex and Roger for their understanding and professional care. “”The friendly and cheerful approach used by this clinic surely makes the patient at ease and comfortable. “
-Robert Quid

Does LASIK Hurt?
LASIK is a relatively painless procedure, and the actual surgery lasts only minutes. Some patients describe a “scratchy” feeling for a short time following the surgery, but minor discomfort is only temporary. Eye drops and a nap usually take care of any discomfort.

Is LASIK Safe?
The surgery has become so popular throughout the world because it offers so many benefits over other forms of laser vision correction: greater precision, less surface area to heal, less risk of scarring, less risk of corneal haze, less postoperative discomfort, less postoperative need for medications, and vision returns rapidly. The complication rate involved with LASIK is one of the lowest in the medical field.